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Fallout (2024) Season 1 Review

RATING: 8.5/10

BETHESDA Softworks have been the frontrunner for iconic gaming franchise Fallout for nearly three decades, and despite the series suffering in recent times with the commercially-panned release of Fallout: 76 back in 2018, the set of post-apocalyptic role-playing games have always possessed an alluring world perfectly suited for a median such as television. And as luck would have it, Bethesda have collaborated with Prime Video to bring fans old and new into this post-apocalyptic wasteland; a challenging task which, for the most part, has been achieved.

Based on the video game series of the same name, Fallout follows three protagonists: Lucy (Ella Purnell), Maximus (Aaron Moten) and Cooper "The Ghoul" Howard (Walton Goggins) as they embark on three diverging adventures through a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. But in order to survive this nuclear-decimated future they must protect themselves from radiation, mutants and bandits who seek to ravage underground bunkers which have become the final safe haven for civilization.

The show could have been easily fumbled due to its risky decision to follow three very different storylines, but in a remarkable turn of events, Fallout's triumvirate manner of storytelling ended up being one of the series' strongest attributes. Each character's unique and interesting stories help balance the chain of events, never feeling overcrowded or unbalanced. A big reason to why this works is the fact that the show never lingers on one character's perspective for too long. There was a constant concern, particularly during the premiere episode, that it would focus too heavily on Lucy's life in Vault 33 despite her being a compelling albeit cliché protagonist, but in a pleasant surprise, continuous back-and-forths to co-leads Maximus and Cooper made the world feel much bigger and compelling as a result, especially with each lead living very different lives despite wanting very similar things.

Fallout has always been a tongue-and-cheek franchise, never being afraid to push the envelope when it comes to action or comedy. On the action side of the things, the show sets up the world and one of the three lead's futures well, giving them a reason to embark on the lonesome life they're bound to. Comedy wise, Fallout continues this trend by immediately cutting to another one of our leads, showing them to be a cheerful, self-assured survivor who isn't afraid to risk it all for the people they care about. This near-perfect balance of humour and happening is yet another reason why Fallout manages to be one of 2024's best shows, and a good reason why it has a strong chance to be renewed for a follow-up season.

If you're not a fan of or are unfamiliar with the original media, don't be turned off by the fact its based off a video game - Fallout manages to stand firmly on its own two feet by creating characters foreign to the original media while still being somewhat faithful to the iconic franchise, allowing the showrunners free-range with their stories. Purnell, Moten and Goggins each deliver wonderful performances and assist in elevating the show and their respective characters to a higher level.

Through crafty humour, captivating action and effective story-telling, Fallout stands alongside HBO's The Last of Us as one of the best video game adaptations in recent memory. And much like The Last of Us, all we can do now is hope Fallout can maintain its white hot start in season two.


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