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Colin from Accounts (2024) Season 2 Review

RATING: 8/10

WHO would've thought Australia's next big comedy was going to be carried by an adorable border terrier named Colin? Well, it turns out Colin from Accounts co-creators and co-stars Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer were expecting nothing less from their adorably-injured companion coming out of Season 1. And with Season 2 officially hitting our screens, has Australia's new favourite series continued to bring joy to the homes of pet owners and struggling couples alike?

After a complex car accident involving an orphaned border terrier brings them together, two single-ish humans Ashley (Harriet Dyer) and Gordon (Patrick Brammall) must now navigate life while both caring for their new dog: Colin (Zak). As they learn more about each other and their own insecurities, Ashley and Gordon have decided to move in together, but they must now face a new challenge: handling a relationship, as well as getting their once orphaned dog, Colin, back from their original owners following Season 1's shocking finale.

Colin from Accounts brought a breath of fresh air to Australian television, utilising classic Aussie humour in a hilarious yet subtle manner, never leaning into a grey area that would have felt ludicrous and naive otherwise. Now that Season 2 has finally graced our screens after a year of giddy anticipation, the brilliant cast have remained committed to bringing laughter through a surprisingly-well written script courtesy of co-creators, co-stars and real-life couple Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brammall.

Dyer and Brammall bring a tremendous amount of relatable, sincere and awkward chemistry to their on-screen personas due to the fact that they are married in real-life. Fans of the show were sceptical as to why their chemistry works so well, and this was the reason why. Much of the writing comes from the couple's experiences in the world of dating and all the trials and tribulations which comes from it. The series never feels the need to throw the characters into a larger than life scenario, relying on the character's natural charisma and magnetism to be a reason to keep viewers coming back for more.

But the series just doesn't rely on its leading couple and canine companion - Colin from Accounts also features an array of side characters which keep the show afloat during its minimal lulls. Brett (Michael Logo) continues to be a wonderful inclusion in Season 2, always bringing much-needed humour during the many scenes which take place at Gordon's brewery; a location which has become much more prominent in this season. Ashley's best friend, Megan (Emma Harvie), has received more development this season around, along with Gordon's co-worker and friend, Chiara (Genevieve Hegney), due to the fact that Megan and Chiara have begun seeing each other; an advancement which should feel forced, but comes across as one of the most naturalistic things to be introduced in Season 2.

Colin from Accounts always felt like one of those shows that never needed a follow-up season, but to my surprise, I never knew I needed something more than this. What began as a pleasant afternoon watch soon turned out to be one of my favourite shows, bringing witty writing and superb chemistry to Australian screens during a time where original Aussie comedies are, sadly, a rare commodity. Dyer and Brammall are easily the highlights of this series, utilising their real-life relationship to bring something truly special to homes all across the country. And judging by the reception the show has been receiving, I dare say this isn't the last time we get to see Colin as well.


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